Interpretation Services

Interpreter Services
Types of Interpretation

■ 24-hour Emergency Interpretation

■ Interpretation Equipment Rental 

■ Medical Consultations

■ Dental Visits

■ Title VI Compliant Interpreters

■ Specialized Medical Interpreters

■ Court Cases and Trials

■ Depositions

■ Certified Court Interpreters

■ Conferences and Meetings

■ Workman’s Compensation

■ Factory and City Tours

■ Simultaneous (conference interpreters)

■ Consecutive (back and forth interpretation)

■ Telephone interpreters

■ Video remote interpretation

■ Court-Certified interpreters

■ American Sign Language (ASL)

For any language or type of event, The Foreign Language Company provides the finest interpreters, all necessary wireless receivers, transmitters, interpreter booths, headphones, signage and technical support to ensure that your event is truly world class.