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Certified Translation Services

Business & Marketing
Legal & Financial
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Industrial & Manufacturing

■ Contracts and Agreements

■ Financial Statements

■ Annual Reports

■ Patents and Intellectual Property

■ Litigation/Deposition Documents

■ Medical Reports/Case Histories

■ HIPAA regulations

■ Trials and Patient Consent Forms

■ Life Sciences

■ Regulatory documents

■ Automotive/Engineering/Energy

■ Telecommunications

■ Electronics/Software Engineering

■ Agriculture and Farming

■ Website Localization and SEO

■ Employee Handbooks

■ Sales and Product Presentations

■ Press Releases/Newsletters

■ Insurance, Claims and Underwriting

■ Product Packaging/User Manuals

A great translation goes well beyond just changing words from one language to another. The meaning of the original language must be conveyed accurately, clearly and culturally into the other language so that it seems as though it has been written in the target language from the beginning. Keeping this in mind, The Foreign Language Company has an international team of professional translators, linguists and language experts so that we can always provide the best possible language services. Our rigid quality assurance process ensures that every translation consistently meets our high standards so that both our clients and our reputation look great.

Industries We Serve
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